2020 Daily Planner (400+ pages)

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Are you ready for 2020? The new year is upon us and it’s going to be incredible! But our joy and peace can sucked away by the stress of trying to keep up with our hectic schedules.

 This 400+ page 2020 Daily Planner will help restore peace of mind and bring order to your life. It is packed full of helpful organizational tools and worksheets to make your life easier.

 Writing down plans and goals for the year helps to stay focused, organized, and motivated. As you see yourself accomplishing what you set out to do, it improves your self-esteem and takes away unnecessary guilt.

 Keeping a daily planner can help you:

  • Be organized
  • Stay focused
  • Manage your time
  • Keep up with monthly bills
  • Set daily, weekly, and monthly goals
  • Set personal, relationship, health, financial, career, charity, and travel goals
  • Keep you motivated with inspirational messages
  • Not miss appointments
  • Stay on task with projects
  • Avoid over scheduling
  • Have less stress
  • Be more productive

 We all lead busy lives. Some of us are juggling multiple jobs, side gigs, family, friends, relationships, and our own private time. It’s hard to remember all of our commitments and the mental space it takes to keep up with it all can be overwhelming.

 Difference between our 2020 daily planner and store bought: 

  • Instant Download
  • Over 400+ pages
  • Print what you need.
  • Beautiful design
  • Includes bonus material like grocery lists, bill trackers, goal sheets and motivational messages

 2020 Daily Planner Includes: 

  • 1, 1 ½ , 2, 3, and 4-inch Decorative Spines
  • Daily schedule
  • Weekly planner
  • Birthdays and Anniversary reminder
  • 2020 Holidays
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Year Goals
  • Monthly assessment
  • Grocery list
  • Bill tracker
  • Thankful sheet
  • Prayers and answer to prayers sheet
  • Bucket list
  • General, personal, health, financial, relationship, professional, charity, travel, and vacation goals
  • Detailed monthly planner
  • Daily planner (365 pages for everyday)
  • Motivational messages to print out for your wall or vision board

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